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Course Description:

This Course will help learners to develop their skills in the accounting field, from understanding Profit and Loss accounts to VAT. The course will cover a range of modules and provide multiple examples for assessment such as:  Introduction to Accounting, Fundamental Accounting Concepts, The Double Entry Accounting System, The Financial Statements, Analyzing, Recording, and Classifying Transactions, Adjusting Entries, Closing Entries, Post-Closing Trial Balance, and Reversing, Final Assessment. 

Course’s aim: to assess the learners ability and knowledge to effectively understand the topics contained within the Basic Accounts Course, the course features a number of end of module interactive quiz questions.

Additionally, at the end of the course learners will also take an online multiple choice assessment test. This online multiple choice test is marked automatically so you will receive an instant grade and know whether you have passed the course.

Business and Administration

This highly popular FREE online Business and Administration qualification examines the day-to-day workings of real-world companies and teaches you the techniques that help them to operate successfully. Learn up-to-date working practices applicable to office and administration roles. Improve your practical skills and performance in the workplace.

Develop your knowledge of a range of business and administration practices, including event management and budgeting.

Develop effective communication techniques to aid interactions with colleagues and customers. Successful completion of this course leads to a Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Business and Administration. This is a Government funded nationally-accredited qualification – which means that if you are eligible you can study for free!

customer service

This versatile FREE online Level 2 qualification will help you to develop your customer service knowledge, enhance day-to-day interactions with customers and boost your CV.

Learn more about the delivery of excellent customer service.

Improve your communication skills to strengthen relationships and interactions with customers and colleagues.

Develop the knowledge and principles that underpin outstanding customer care.

Gain or develop key transferrable skills applicable in a range of industries and sectors.

Successful completion of this course leads to a nationally-accredited Level 2 Certificate in Customer Service. This is a Government funded nationally-accredited qualification – which means that if you are eligible you can study for free!

Digital marketing

to grow your career or business

Digital marketing can be a crucial tool to grow a business. On this course you will explore what digital marketing is, why it is important and look at some digital marketing strategies including display advertising, pay per click advertising, search engine optimisation and email marketing. Finally, we will discuss the importance of balancing and integrating different digital marketing strategies and how companies target customers.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

Describe what digital marketing is

Explain why digital marketing is important for businesses

Describe the different types of digital marketing including; display advertisements, pay per click, search engine optimisation, and email marketing

Explain how the different digital marketing methods can deliver value to businesses

Identify the key features that should be included in a digital marketing strategy

Describe how businesses can use data to target customers in campaign

Explain the benefit and importance of integrating different digital marketing techniques